Becoming a Member

A major responsibility of the Nova Scotia Osteopathic Association (NSOA) is to ensure that all applicants meet the requirements of registration and to issue certificates of registration to those applicants who meet the requirements of registration.


Candidates are responsible for paying the following fees when applying for a General (ie. active) class of license with NSOA:

NSOA Board Examination (Legislation and Ethics as Well as Knowledge-Based and Clinical Competency) Fee: $200
Application Fee: $60
Annual Registration Fee First Year: $125

Documents for Registration

Candidates must supply NSOA with the following documentation:

  1. Official or notarized copies of all transcripts from an accredited osteopathic school. If such a transcript is unavailable due to extenuating circumstances, in the opinion of the Registration Committee, the candidate must otherwise satisfy the Registration Committee that he/she graduated from an accredited osteopathic education program;
  2. Two photos of the applicant;
  3. Confirmation of Canadian citizenship, permanent residency or authorization under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) to practice the profession;
  4. Completed application; and
  5. Applicant fee of $200 for board examinations (non-refundable)